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Lugar: Yantzaza - Zamora-Chinchipe - Ecuador
Género: Cultural,Educativa,Deportiva,Informativa,Entretenimiento

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Valoración de oyentes: 4.05/5 (21 votos recibidos y 7206 escuchas)

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Julio el día 06-04-2013 a las 06:28hs escribió:
Hola buenas noche a radio amazonaz desde españa
D95Fsk27w el día 21-02-2016 a las 09:16hs escribió:
Nate and Robyn Copper - Joy, I've never met you and I don't think you know me. However I love your work and get updates from your blog and enjoy them so much, so irnpising. I do have a question, I've been looking for a way to post slideshows online and can't figure it out as of yet, how do you do it and how does it all work? Thanks in advance. (feel free to erase this message:)
IhhRtBAEPE8Z el día 02-03-2016 a las 11:18hs escribió:
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